Your screen name or associated name


When did you begin your cosplay journey?


What do you do for the cosplay community?

Host panels, help judge costume contests, host Pokémon events, entertain on my cosplays along with my pikachu car, visit hospitals and work with charity organizations.

What mediums do you use to create your art?

Fabric, worbla, foam, anything and everything

If you could create a dream project without limits what would it be?

Going to Japan and working with events put on by Pokémon there like the Pikachu outbreak event that takes place in Yokohama

Upcoming event you’d like to plug?

Infinity Con Tallahassee June 4, June 5

Two Cosplayers who inspire you?

All cosplayers inspire me, each and everyone and their talents is what makes inspiration for all.

A project you are known for?

Anything involving Pokémon

Your favorite project and why?

Working with Kirby Family Farm with their charity events for foster children.

Links to your socials?