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When did you begin your cosplay journey?

2009, I was about 11

What do you do for the cosplay community?

I love bringing light to the cosplay community through performance and positivity, I believe cosplay is for everyone. I specialize in performing, through panels at events and up to special events at conventions, as well as appearing as a Cosplay guest at events to help encourage and answer questions for other cosplayers.

What mediums do you use to create your art?

All kinds – Wigs, Foam, Fabric, but I excel in scripting and improving for stage.

If you could create a dream project without limits what would it be?

This is such a hard question, my mind always goes to big expensive pieces, like Vash from Trigun ’98, or Large mechanical wings for Hawks from My Hero Academia.

Upcoming event you’d like to plug?

Ancient City Con!!

Two Cosplayers who inspire you?

@seayabeaches and @countessalyx

A project you are known for?

I thought I was well known for my Deku cosplay, but I’m starting to become more known for my Dabi – I seem to keep competing as him!

Your favorite project and why?

My ongoing project, Hawks – It’s been two years in the making of learning, redoing, remaking, and improving, but it has been such a labor of love.

Links to your socials?

@crabbyfins on all socials!