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Level One Cosplay

When did you begin your cosplay journey?

October 2018

What do you do for the cosplay community?

I am an advocate within the cosplay community that cosplay is for everyone. When I first started my journey in 2018 and came up with my name, I wanted to be remembered by “level one” for multiple reasons. It was way more than just a gaming reference. In all walks of life, whether you are a beginner or an expert, we all start at level one. We go into a lot of things not knowing hardly anything whether it be a new skill, job, learning a new language, hobby- we all start from the beginning. I want it to be a positive reminder that no matter where you come from or who you are, we all start somewhere. But also, a humble reminder for myself and others to remember where we all first began and a reminder to myself to never forget why I started cosplaying in the first place. Everyone’s journey will look a little different. There is no right or wrong way to cosplay. Whether it’s purely for fun or you want to compete in contests, at the end of the day as long as you are happy that’s what truly matters. But the important thing to remember is to spread positivity and uplift one another in our community with a hobby we all thoroughly enjoy. We celebrate our differences and unique perspectives, because it is so important that while we are all here to do what we love, we need to remember that each person is a human being with feelings and emotions. We face challenges in our everyday lives, and cosplay is an escape for the majority of us. It’s something I am very passionate about as a reminder, that you belong here and that you can cosplay whoever and whatever you want to be. Cosplay is for everyone.

What mediums do you use to create your art?

I can say hands down EVA foam and 3D printing are my go-to especially for props and accessory pieces for most of my builds. Wig styling is always one of my favorites- and I always have my flat iron and a linen steamer for the more gravity defying styles.

If you could create a dream project without limits what would it be?

Foul Legacy from Genshin Impact

Upcoming event you’d like to plug?

I love to travel, I would love to one day go to Anime Weekend Atlanta, Sakura-Con, and Megacon are high on my list.

Two Cosplayers who inspire you?

Sophieriss and Geheichou, absolutely amazing and stunning work.

A project you are known for?

World Heroes’ Mission Bakugou or Tartaglia

Your favorite project and why?

World Heroes’ Mission Bakugou has a very special place in my heart that was a huge catalyst to where I am today. From the days of self patterning and trying to figure out his build with hardly any references right before the movie release, it was hands down my longest project because of that. I kept having to go back and change things as I saw more of the outfit revealed. But I was so determined to get it done for the premiere of that movie. It led me to a lot of incredible opportunities, friends and I am so grateful for everything that came along with this build. So it’s very sentimental to me.