Your screen name or associated name

Chelsea Brickham

When did you begin your cosplay journey?

In 2016 after completing chemotherapy for stage 2 Lymphoma

What do you do for the cosplay community?

Transgender role model, panelist, head Judge for contests, online tutorials and content creator

What mediums do you use to create your art?

Resin, EVA foam, Worbla, fabrics, sewing, paint

If you could create a dream project without limits what would it be?

Probably an Iron Man suit with functioning electronics that can interface with my iphone.

Upcoming event you’d like to plug?

The release of my first lead role in a film called Knockout Blonde, being released fall 2022

Two Cosplayers who inspire you?

Kinpatsu Cosplay and Kamui cosplay

A project you are known for?

COVID Creations. A line of COVID facemasks I designed using HEPA filters and EVA foam with dual head elastics, utility clips and molded to reduce glasses fogging with custom paint jobs and features for the on-going safe enjoyment of crowded comicons.

Your favorite project and why?

Poison Ivy. It’s fun having her for different occasions: Spring (with flowers), Summer, Fall (autumn Foliage), Holiday (Poinsettias) and we share her sexuality as well.

Links to your socials?

ChelseaBrickham on Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, twitter and IMDB.